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Automatic Screw Feeder- Magnetic Force Type

Automatic Screw Feeder- Magnetic Force Type

●It is manufactured by fast, stabilized and convenient design principles, which combine with pneumatic/electric screwdriver, Hi-tech
●Auto Feeder and High-precision Screw Jaw to escalate the screw fastening speed in order to significantly enhance the production efficiency.
●The Screw Jaw will be customized according to the customer’s screws and work-piece to ensure smooth and stable operation.
●The screwdriver head ejects the screw for fastening automatically. It prevents the jaw from contacting the surface of the work-piece; thus it will neither rub the product nor produce stress. (for SF30T & SF40T- Lever start)
●Automatic feeding to completely save the screw picking and moving action.
●The torque-controlled screwdriver is used to improve the fastening quality for the customer.
●Fiber Optic control intellectual-type feeding, saving power while avoiding short supply.
●It is equipped with Spring Balancer to provide load free operation experience. automatic-screw-feeder-01.jpg

Automatic Screw Feeder- Magnetic Force Type

Model No. Screw


Screw length

(w/o head)






Voltage Air


SF30M M2.3-M6 8-22 3.5-8 22kg 110/220V 5kg/cm²