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Automatic Screw Feeder for Screw M1.0- M5.0

Automatic Screw Feeder for Screw M1.0- M5.0

  • Incorporates an adjustable rail which accommodates screw thread diameters from 1.0-5.0mm.
  • A rail adjustment kit is included with the feeder to facilitate quick and easy setup.
  • Easy adjustment of vibration time; amplitude and operation shut-off delay.
  • Single rail accommodates all screw sizes.
  • Multiple adjustments to optimize feed rate.
  • Less moving parts for increased durability.
  • Compact and light weight.

Automatic Screw Feederfor screw M1.0- M5.0

Model # SF60

Model # SF60
Applicable Screw M1.0-M5.0
Applicable Screw length Up to 19mm (under head)
Switching Adaptor DC15V
Power Source AC100-240V
Scooping Chamber Capacity 200-220cc
Size 182(W)*126(L)*147(H)
Weight N.W- Approx2.17kgs

(Excluding switching adaptor)