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Digital Screw Counter Function V3 Brushless Power Supply

Digital Screw Counter Function V3 Brushless Power Supply

  • Convenience design combine power supply and screw counter
  • Compatible with PLC based process control system; accurate counting on screw fastening.
  • Auto leaning function built-in could judge the best setting value.
  • Able to setting running speed & timing by Slow-Start function.
  • Selection on auto-reset retrieval or manual reset retrieval.
  • Enhances the auto-identified screw fastening time mode, allow user to aim at simulating the duration of specific screw fastening.
  • Displaying the number of unfinished screw counts, user can add external sensor switch to prevent operation error.
  • Buzzer alert while complete a fastening cycle. Internal signal for detecting screw count is also able to connect external devices.
  • Capable with output and input signal; accurate calculation through the signal of sensor to prevent improper operation. Suitable for semi or full automatic production line.


Digital Screw Counter Function V3 Brushless Power Supply


Function Upgrade – V3.0


Model  No.  SP-BC40HL801T/C6
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Output Voltage DC 40V/32V/24V
Output Walt 260W
Count 1- 99
Count Method Count-up / Count-down
Work with Sensor ON / OFF
GATE Sensor ON (2 Sensor) / OFF (1 Sensor)
Slow-Start Time Adjustable 0.1- 9.9 seconds
Slow-Start Speed Adjustable Lo: 100% L1-L9: Rated speed  35%-85%
Running Time Limit – LO 0.0- 9.9 seconds
Running Time Limit – HI 0.0- 9.9 seconds
Reminder Mode On / OFF / FF / EF with LED and buzzer
Screwdriver Control HI / LO: Slow-Start
Dimensions 247x130x100mm
Weight 2.4 kgs


♦ Recommend: To be ordered with the screwdriver together

♦ Suitable Model: EA-BN630 ~ EA-BTN9180 (0.2~180kg/cm ,0.02~18 Nm)

♦ Signal Input/Output function for PLC control screwdriver:

External inputs: Forward/Reverse/Disable/Confirm/Sensor/Clear

External outputs: OK/NG/OK ALL

Packing: 1 SET/CARTON/ 2.5 KGS