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Signal Controller for Brushless screwdrivers

Signal Controller for Brushless screwdrivers

Advance Signal Controller for Brushless screwdrivers

Digital signal controller function

Model # EAA-SCBSN6


Equipment instruction:

  • Please follow the input vltage of 32V or 40V to the screwdriver and choose the suitable power supply.
  • Please connect 1M cable to the power supply, and the other side connects the 2M cable to the screwdriver.
  • Do not exceed input voltage up to 400mA 60A voltage.
  • Digital multipoint systems of RS485 application work effectively over long distances and in electrically noisy environments.
  • Apply to brushless screwdriver of EA-BN series.

Advanced controller features:

* High productivity


* Durability



Industrial Assembly operation needs:
You need precison fastening, cycle after cycle, torque must be accurate and consistent, batch count and securing the joint is also essential.

We need to identify that operators are correctly install the screws in each of critical products. Sumake signal controller functiion is remarkable precise and has help us to reduce scrapped parts.

Sumake signal controller has the functionality when you built new LCD assembly lines. Durability, quiet operation and batch count capabilities in combination with line control, the screwdriver the ideal choice, make sure we never miss a screw.