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Ultrasonic Cutting Synthetic Fabrics

Ultrasonic cutting for synthetic fabrics kit.

The KTT40 ultrasonic unit has been developed by Sonic Italia for cutting manually various types of synthetic fabrics in a fast, efficient way.

Ultrasonic cutting of acrylics has never been so easy.

This ultrasonic assembly allows for clean cuts without unwanted fraying, thanks to ultrasonic vibrations, synthetic fabrics are not only cut but their edges are sealed automatically, preventing them from unraveling.

The kit facilitates cut and weld many sorts of acrylics and synthetic materials such as kevlar, acrylics, PVC, polyester, non-woven, screen and synthetic fabrics-cotton blends.

Ultrasonic slitting is undoubtedly the fastest and cleanest method in the industry since it produces no burning nor toxic fumes.

Maneuverability and ease of use are features that make it stand out from the rest.

Its ultrasonic generator has been devised to adapt automatedly to the vibration amplitude values depending on the fabric and its GSM.

The KTT40 ultrasonic set comprises:

•  Linear cuting frame:

Ideal for longitudinal ultrasonic cut operations:
Designed to be easily installed on work benches with the assistance of its two wheels and steel plate treated with a special hardening procedure.

• Plastic handgrips:

This kind of hand grip is light and versatile. It was conceived to grant freedom of movement during the synthetic materials slicing process.

Because of its 40 kHz ultrasonic tranducer and ogive sonotrode, it is possible to shear items of any shape and size with no hindrances.

Optional: aluminum sliding rails to be mounted on tables for rectlinear cutting structures.