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Manual Pistol Handgrip

The manual pistol handgrip is available in 20 and 40 kHz versions.

The design and lightness of the manual pistol handgrip have been carefully delineated in order to assure a practical and comfortable handling when in use.

The choice of frequencies is considered according to the diameter of the soldering point, thickness of the materials and their geometries.

If it is provided with a bonding booster, it becomes the ideal instrument for ultrasound spot welding operations in plastic thermoforming, PVC conveyor belts, blisters, automobile parts and acrylic cloths.

Its small size allow workers to reach points of difficult access, thus obtaining outstanding results both in terms of aesthetics and sealing quality.

When using a cutting sonotrode, the manual pistol handgrip turns into a manual ultrasonic incising tool for heavyweight synthetic fabrics, like in the case of rugs and carpets.

The 20000 and 40000 Hz models are compatible with every generator that shares the same frequency.

Both variants feature interchangeable vibrant horns.