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Sewing Machines SC20-SC40

Sewing machines SC20-SC40 are two types of digital ultrasonic equipment employed for ultrasonic welding activities on synthetic materials and thermoplastics.

Both models differentiate themselves from each another due to the frequencies they work on, which can be either 20 or 40 kHz.

The SC20-SC40 sewing machines are designed and manufactured using the latest technology with the main purpose of making them easy to use for those who will work with it. This is possible thanks to the electronic settings adjustment system that allows to regulate frequency, power and ultrasound delay.

Furthermore, the counter wheel lets staff to choose the sonotrode’s speed (rpm) and pneumatic pressure unit.

The SC20 and SC40 sewing machines are fast, reliable and capable of doing continuous sewing work.

Outstanding and constant results can be attained by soldering nonwoven fabrics, widely required to manufacture products from the disposal and medical industries.

Sewing machines SC20-SC40 Technical specifications:

This Sewing Machine is available in 40 and 20 kHz configurations.


Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 130h cm

Weight: 95 Kg


Dimensions: 82 x 51 x 127h cm

Weight: 105 Kg