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Continuous Welding Solutions

Seam Welding Solutions

Seam welding solutions for industrial applications.

Seam welding solutions models:

  • Rotary module
  • ELM-RT 35
  • PFW

Sonic Italia specializes in manufacturing ultrasonic seam welding solutions for rotational systems.

Numerous seam soldering devices have been developed over the past years.  From sonotrodes that can be installed in automated assembly lines, the Elmrt35 ultrasounds sewing machine up to customizations such as the PFW model devised for continuous welding of pleated filters.

There are two types of rotating modules for these operations: with either a side or central sonotrode resonating at a 35 kHz frequency and power varying from 400W to 1200W.

These horns can be made out of aluminium, treated with a special surface strengthening procedure, or titanium.

Our seam welding solutions are employed in binding synthetic textiles such as PVC, polyester, polypropylene, coated, filtering and technical fabrics.